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Therapy can help you become more involved in your life, more inclusive, spontaneous and centered.

Your sense of yourself has developed within your relationships, and is the basis for everything you do. Sometimes it is painfully limited, and causes you to feel depressed, empty, fearful, or to have other symptoms of unhappiness.

Within a responsive psychotherapy environment, you can become more comfortable with yourself, develop a wider view of what is possible for you, and increase your capacity to be heartfully involved in your life.

We can work together to develop the kind of honest, open relationship in which you feel supported in exploring yourself deeply and honestly, and in making the changes that you wish to make.


I see individuals and couples with long and short term problems: depression, anxiety, relational issues, substance abuse, and other emotional problems that keep you from living a satisfying life. My practice is inclusive with respect to sexual, racial, ethnic, class and gender diversity.

I have a special interest in working with older people. As you grow older and dreams for the future drop away, you can feel that life is pointless. It is especially important at this time that you know what really matters to you, and are able to become deeply involved in whatever that is.

I am sensitive to economic issues, and have a moderate fee scale that can allow us to work open-endedly, without the interference and hassles of managed care.


I trained in long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy at The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley, in relational psychotherapy with couples at The Women's Therapy Center in El Cerrito, and am involved in the study of supervision at The Psychotherapy Institute.

I offer supervision and consultation as well as psychotherapy.

For information or appointment, please call: (510) 549-0123

Office in Berkeley, California.