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Karen Finch, MFT
M.A. in Counseling Psychology with a Specialization in Somatic Psychotherapy; 2 year Comprehensive Training in Hakomi Method; EMDR trained; Advanced Training in Couples Work

How Can Psychotherapy Help?

I believe therapy helps a person to become resourced. This means I like to create opportunities for clients to have a profound experience of connection with inner strength and personal efficacy. I call my technique "restorative resourcing". I work according to the principles of the Hakomi method.

Hakomi is a transpersonal experiential approach. Transpersonal means that we encourage clients to reach a level of awareness that goes beyond everyday consciousness. Experiential means we work with what is fresh and true and in the present. Both client and therapist use mindfulness to study somatic, psychological, and spiritual perspectives. I ask clients to do small experiments and notice their response, both inside of session and outside in their lives. I encourage clients to slow down and listen to themselves. Clients are often surprised by their own knowing and wisdom.

Healing, change and growth are natural processes. We have the capacity, but we sometimes lose sight and feeling for the direction we need to move into. In the safety of the healing relationship we rediscover our inner compass. We can create trust, intention and an environment for change to germinate. Our lives change when we learn to know, respond and express our deepest needs and desires. Deeply held limiting beliefs can loosen. Greater satisfaction and aliveness emerge. We discover a calm and a security that has always been inside of us.

Clients are sometimes pleased when the process of therapy is more than a dark and difficult undertaking. Life's challenges can be excruciating, the path toward healing can be a gently rolling landscape that follow natural curiosity and encourages the unfolding of the soul.

For further information or appointment, please call: (510) 334-7482.
Office in Albany, California.