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Karen Finch, MFT
M.A. in Counseling Psychology with a Specialization in Somatic Psychotherapy; 2 year Comprehensive Training in Hakomi Method; EMDR trained; Advanced Training in Couples Work; Leadership Training for Group Psychotherapy


Support with Sexual Transformation

Do you have a challenge that you've been unable to handle through
traditional medical or therapeutic channels?
Is your sexuality affecting your life and relationship?
Do you want support with negotiating sexual boundaries
in your relationship?

There is no issue too difficult or challenging:
Historical sexual trauma, abuse or shame
Current trauma, abuse or shame
Fidelity challenges
Marital desire difficulties
Sexual or gender identity questions
Non-traditional relationships and sexual interests
Open relationship or Polyamory or Swinging
Medical events
Creative alternative sexual choices
Challenges with menopause
Expansion of sexual experience
Spiritual development and Tantra

Karen Finch, 510-334-7482 Karen is a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist (MFT) in private practice. She helps clients access their wise and compassionate selves and celebrate divergent parts of themselves. She is Hakomi trained. For more info about Hakomi, see www.hakomi.com.